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Website Privacy Policy

Protect your Web visitor’s privacy and your rights with the Website privacy policy.

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Why You Need This?

Data privacy and protection are paramount, and visitors want to feel secure while browsing your website. People often enter their email address, their phone number, and even their payment information while visiting your web “house”. The whole purpose of a website is to generate traffic to your business. Generate that traffic with peace of mind. Use the Website Privacy Policy to protect both your Company rights and the User’s data privacy rights by summarizing your mutual agreement for the User’s submission of their private information. Just in case you are wondering, our Privacy Policy is compliant with the GDPR, CAN-SPAM and the Child Online & Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

This policy is to be used on any type of website (landing page, sales page, blog, and website ).

Who can use this?

Website Privacy Policy

This Agreement is for you to use as part of your Website Policies. An agreement with a User of your Website summarizing your usage of their information and the User’s privacy rights. This is different from the Website Terms of Use/Service Agreement because this deals with the User’s private information, such as name, address and/or other personal identifiers.

Necessary to protect both your rights and summarize your mutual agreement for the User’s submission of User’s private information on your website.