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CEO Masterclasses

Our in-person Masterclasses are now on-demand! We’ve curated a list for new and existing entrepreneurs to become better CEOs. All Classes are closed-captioned videos between 30-75 minutes and taught by licensed attorneys and/or business experts with Worksheets, Primers and/or Charts included.

Start with the foundational knowledge needed to create any company in our EXPLAINED Series. Follow that with the LEVERAGED Series where you “leverage your CEO knowledge for profit”. These in-depth workshops incite you to think deeper and apply what you’ve learned into daily practice.


Pick Your Profitable Idea

Do you have a notebook full of ideas, but don’t know where to start?

Or maybe you’re tired of struggling to find a business idea that is both profitable and fulfilling?

Are you tired of wasting time and resources on ideas that don’t pan out?

If so, then our audio course is your next step.

Led by a startup attorney, this course will guide you through the process of identifying and evaluating potential business ideas to determine which one has the greatest potential for profitability.

This audio course will help you frame your idea into a marketable and profitable idea.


Start & Protect With Cinc: Explained

The difference between growing a stable business and failing a business attempt, is understanding how to protect and elevate your assets under the legal umbrella. Start your business journey the right way by covering all your legal bases from insurance to intellectual property to contracts. Learn how to Legally C-IN-C your business with the triple method of protection.

Corporations (And B-corps): Explained

There’s stocks and shares and Corporations. Then there are C-Corps, S-Corps, Benefit Corporations and B-Corps. All are valid. But none are the SAME! It can be confusing when deciding which entity is right for your For-Profit company. This is a complete Primer on ALL types of Corporations.

Companies (And LLCs): Explained

Do you even need an LLC? The short answer is maybe. There are a variety of legal entities to choose from, but it’s not advised to go in blindly. Learn the differences between a Sole Proprietorship, D/B/A, LLC and everything in between so you can register your business under the entity that will make the most sense for what you do.

Non-profits: Explained

Do you have tremendous passion for addressing a social issue or providing services to an under-served group of people? Or do you have a great idea on how to address social issues in a way that you haven’t seen before? Real question: Do you want to start and sustain a non-profit so you can use your good ideas to help people? Determine if your business mission falls under the non-profit category and what you need to meet the necessary legal requirements.


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Leveraged: Take Your Ip From Protection To Profit

Learn the basics of Intellectual Property and then apply that knowledge to multiply your profit. Understand how to strategically create the “domino” effect of licensing.

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Leveraged: Contracts As Your First Profit Tool

Protect yourself and your business by saying goodbye to verbal agreements. Learn how a contract goes beyond a necessary evil and straight into a profit tool that can help you be proactive in preserving your profit. Become a better negotiator by having the terms written in black and white on paper.

Leveraged: Goal Set For Time, Profit And Exit

Maximize your most profitable asset-your time. Learn how to automate and delegate your tasks for the best return.

Leveraged: Advisory Boards Create Profit

Think you’re too small for an advisory board? Think again. Companies with AB accountability hit the revenue. Learn how to setup and choose your Advisory Board.

Education is for Everyone

We believe in legal accessibility for all. We also believe anyone with the right resources and perseverance can become an entrepreneur. We believe anybody can create generational wealth by entrepreneurship as one of those paths. Legal services, legal knowledge and accessibility for all.

A portion of our CEO MASTERCLASS proceeds are donated to underrepresented communities for Entrepreneurship through our non-profit and community partners.

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