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How It Works

Step 1

Pick how many owners (one or two) and pick the state of incorporation

Step 2

Submit your payment for filing fees and legal fees together

Step 3

Fill out our Limited Representation Agreement and answer questions about your future company within 30 days of payment.

Step 4

We file and form on your behalf.

Step 5

We confirm your LLC and send your EIN. Congrats!

Choose the type of company

Single Member LLC

A simple Single Member LLC allows you to have the “legal shield” for protecting your assets while also giving you the credibility of having formal company status.

  • Pick a state
  • Filling fee
  • Legal fee

Multi-Member LLC

A Multi Member LLC (up to 2 people total) allows you to have the protection of a company with the simplicity of a partnership.

  • Pick a state
  • Filling fee
  • Legal fee

Here's What It Includes

All LLC formations come with the following:

Here's What It Doesn't...
Complex filings

Frequently Asked Questions

We are not a law firm. But, we do file companies on your behalf and provide documents and legal masterclasses.

Startup Dox is a business education platform. When you buy a product from us, whether it’s a LLC filing or a contract template, you agree to a Limited Representation agreement with us, which allows us to file your company and/or form a contract for that scope and time period.

Sadly, no- we are not your lawyers at all. However, we may send you helpful tips and email check-ins, but this will be after you purchase a product. We always recommend you retain legal counsel for the lifeline of your business. Check out the directory for counsel in your state.

For the Filing – when we complete your filing and send you your EIN and Operating Agreement to sign, barring any exceptions from any state/federal agencies beyond our control.

Awesome. We’re here to help. If we can assist, you will need to purchase a new product engaging our company for your new services.

Not at all! First, the prices are low because we believe that cost should NOT be a barrier to effective business growth. Business owners need a solid business team behind them to scale well, and should start early to build their foundation. The reason we can make this affordable is that we have reduced the time. Same quality of advice, different time limit.

We encourage you to have all the information within 3-7 days of purchase for us to file so that we can comply within the filing window.

Please do not hesitate to email us directly for any clarification on any information requested.

No worries, you’ve got 2 steps to correct your information before we file!

We will be clarifying all information with you when we send you a Summary email for you to verify within 24 hours. However, after the 24 hours, we will file with information noted. After we file, you are responsible for any filing/change fees after filing is complete plus our $150 change fee.

Our office actually finds out if your company is rejected by the State. We will call the State directly if the State has not sent us a direct email notice request, then we resolve internally, if possible. If we need more clarifying information from you, we will send you a quick summary and explanation to send correct information via email for new information. All of this is included in your fee.

Not to hound you, but we do send gentle reminder emails within 3 days of purchase for you to start and complete your form. Your Formation LLC Form does NOT expire, but after 30 days, a $150 fee must be paid to re-engage us before we proceed with the filing.

Registered agents act as the Big Brother of your business. They receive important legal documents such as a service of process for lawsuits and pass the information to the appropriate person at the business. Missed deadlines for lawsuits, notices, and subpoenas can have strict deadlines, so it is important to have an individual or entity that can receive and send the documents promptly.

Yes, if you also reside or have an office within the state of filing.

Great question. Many small business owners act as their own Registered Agent or name a trusted family member or friend to take on the responsibility. This saves money but it does come with risks. A registered agent service may be better if you conduct business in multiple states or are planning to in the future, OR think you may have to replace your Registered Agent in the future (you must update your Agent with the Secretary of State each time it changes). We offer a Registered Agent option with our filling for an additional fee.

You may put your own home address. Please note that once we file – your LLC filing becomes publicly accessible. For security, we recommend an office address or a virtual office address that you may receive regular mail notice.

This is so we have options to use in case your name is already taken by another company in the State. List your top 3 with your first one being your preferred name.

This is to clarify to the State, the type of services or products you will be providing to your clients. We use this same information to file for your EIN as well.