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Choose Your Contract

A. Relationships

Unilateral Non Disclosure Agreement
Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement
Referral Agreement

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Mutual Referral Agreement

Coming soon...
Affiliate Agreement

Coming soon...
Joint Venture Partnership Agreement

Coming soon...
Brand Ambassador Agreement

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Advisor Agreement

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B. Client Contract

Independent Contractor Agreement
Client Services Agreement
Consulting Agreement

Coming soon...
Coaching Agreement

Coming soon...
VIP Day Agreement

Coming soon...
Membership Subscription Agreement

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C. Website Contracts

D. Event Contracts

Podcast Host Agreement

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Speaker/Artist Agreement

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Bundle Offers

Website Bundle
  1. Website Terms of Use,
  2. Website Privacy Policy
Starter Bundle
  1. Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement,
  2. Independent Contractor Agreement,
  3. Client Services Agreement
Entrepreneur Bundle
  1. Unilateral Non-Disclosure Agreement,
  2. Independent Contractor Agreement,
  3. Client Services Agreement,
  4. Website Terms of Purchase,
  5. Privacy Policy
Relationship Bundle

Coming soon...
  1. Joint Venture/Partnership Agreement,
  2. Unilateral Recipient Referral Agreement,
  3. Affiliate Agreement,
  4. Unilateral Non-Disclosure Agreement
Coaching Agreement Bundle

Start your coaching relationship with trust and security. As an expert in your field, it’s important to protect yourself as you mentor clients and watch their growth. Get a Coaching Bundle that’s as reputable, professional, and trustworthy as you are.

VIP Day Agreement Bundle

As a coach or expert in your field, one-day intensive trainings (VIP Days) are an excellent way to accelerate your clients’ success while providing you with more avenues for profit. Protect yourself with a VIP Day Agreement so you can show up to each and every VIP Day ready to do your best work as a trusted resource for your clients.

Consulting Agreement Bundle

Offer your services as an expert in your field with a Consulting Agreement that’s as reputable and legit as you are. Lay out expectations from the beginning of your engagement so you can bring your best to your client without stressing over 3 a.m. emails.

Client Services Agreement Bundle

Hello entrepreneur! We see you building out your client services and offerings and putting a price to your knowledge. Let’s protect your assets and future profit by securing a Client Services Agreement Bundle.​

Frequently Asked Questions

a. Mutual

i. Are there two parties disclosing information you each want to keep confidential? Hair product recipe? Special cupcake mixture? Secret technique?

b. Unilateral

i. Only one party disclosing confidential information to another party? This is likely the NDA for you. Ex: You want a bid for a project you are doing and have to share confidential information about the project specifications to the company, but the company you are seeking a bid from does not offer any confidential information back.

a. Do I need an Independent Contractor or Client Agreement?

i. Client Services Agreement – If you (or your company) are engaged to provide services to another person or company (let’s call them Company X) FOR THEM as a 1099 or non-employee, then you will need a Client Services agreement. You will still be an independent Contractor under the law, but you can define your services to your Client – Company X. This will protect YOUR company and your status when you do work FOR THEM.

ii. Independent Contractor Agreement – If you are engaging someone to do work FOR YOU as a contractor such as a web designer or accountant – then use the Independent Contractor agreement. This will protect YOUR company and your status when they do work FOR YOU.

b. Can a person be an Independent Contractor to a company?

i. Yes. They can also be a company and an independent contractor to another company as well.

a. Website Privacy Policy (PP) – Definitely need this.

i. Before you publish your beautiful website, you need to have your Privacy policy drafted and linked to your website. Visitors want to feel secure while browsing your website. People often enter their email address, their phone number, and even their payment information while being on your website. The whole purpose of a website is to generate traffic to your business. Summarize your mutual agreement for the User’s submission of their private information on your Website with a Website Privacy Policy.

b. Website Terms of Use OR Terms of Purchase

i. What if I don’t provide products for sale on my website NOW, but will later? Which form should I get?

You have 2 options:

a. Get the Terms of Purchase and edit and update later when you do actually provide products for sale

b. Get the Terms of Use to use now and Get the Terms of Purchase later when you start selling online.

You may! Each contract will need to be created seperately though.

We encourage you to send questions via email to and complete the current form to the best of your ability. The beauty of Startup Dox is that you will always have an attorney reviewing your agreement!

Please email us at We will send you the right DOX Form immediately for you to create the right contract, and withdraw the wrong DOX Form.

We encourage you to read the product descriptions before and send us any questions via email to before buying!

If you still buy and complete the current form to the best of your ability (kudos to you!). Just answer back to the email upon completion with your questions and needs for the contract.

Not to hound you, but we do send gentle reminder emails within 3 days of purchase for you to start and complete your form. Your DOX Form does NOT expire, but after 30 days,  it is $150 to re-engage us before we proceed.

Please email us at We will send you a web-based form for you to create your contract.