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Independent Contractor Agreement

Have you ever landed on a Website or a Social Media post that you absolutely loved? You look around to see WHO did this amazing work. You identify the creator, and want to hire them right away. Before you hire, slow down and utilize this Independent Contractor Agreement to engage the Contractor (Web Designer).

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Why You Need This?

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When you want to use the independent, creative talents of another individual for the increased profit of your brand, you hire a contractor. You can use the Independent Contractor Agreement to write out the scope of work with the times of service and payment terms to the contractor. .

However, if YOU are the creative genius and a company needs your genius as a contractor, this makes them YOUR CLIENT who pays you. In this situation you will use the Client Services Agreement to engage THEM as a CONTRACTOR to them.

Who can use this?

Independent Contractor Agreement V. Client Services Agreement

Client Services Agreement

If you (or your company) are engaged to provide services to another person or company FOR THEM (let’s call them Company X) as a 1099 or non-employee, then you will need a Client Services agreement. You will still be an independent Contractor under the law, but you can define your services to your Client who is Company X. This will protect YOUR company and your status when you do work FOR THEM.

Independent Contractor Agreement

If you are engaging someone to do work FOR YOU as a contractor such as a web designer or accountant – then use the Independent Contractor agreement. This will protect YOUR company and your status when they do work FOR YOU and you pay THEM.

Independent Contractor Agreement

This Agreement allows you to engage a contractor to complete services for you or your business. If you are a Contractor YOURSELF who provides services to another person or Company who will be YOUR client and they pay YOU –please use the Client Services Agreement.