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Relationship Bundle

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Joint Venture/Partnership Agreement

Our Joint Venture Agreement is ideal when two individuals want to go into business together for a common purpose. Establish clear expectations and responsibilities from the beginning to give yourself and your partner peace of mind.

This Agreement protects both parties. EVERY partnership needs a written summary of their work relationship. Whenever you decide to work with someone as a partner, you should use this agreement to ensure both of your interests are protected.

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Unilateral Recipient Referral Agreement

Our Recipient Referral Agreement is ideal when two parties (individual or company) are striking up a referral structure. This can be a percentage of sales, a set dollar amount, or another form of compensation. Turn those good reviews into new clients and customers while rewarding those who refer you to others.

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Client Services Agreement

We want you to succeed and keep that steadily increasing revenue, protected. Having a Client Services Agreement is the professional way to run your business. This Agreement holds both you and your client accountable to deadlines and payment terms. A legally binding agreement for your services shows that you are dedicated to the success of your clients. When someone is invested in their protection and our own, we’re more likely to do business with them. Don’t wait to protect your revenue and reputation.

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Affiliate Agreement

Expand your reach and grow your recurring revenue through affiliate sales. Our Affiliate Agreement is ideal to use when two parties (individuals or companies) begin an affiliate structure with each other. The affiliate arrangement can be for a percentage of sales or a set dollar amount. The Affiliate is engaged to provide online or in-person publicity or exposure to the Person or Company’s products and services to a third person or company.

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Unilateral Non-Disclosure Agreement

Our Unilateral Non -Disclosure Aagreement (NDA) protects the disclosure of your essential intellectual property for the operation of your business. That hair product recipe, special cupcake mixture, or the secret technique you use to get repeated results, belongs in this agreement. Before you share your trade secrets with another person, for the purpose of helping you push out more inventory or to create better products – legally bind that person or people to “keep your secret” with an NDA.

This NDA protects you, only. If you need a Mutual NDA that equally protects both parties, consider the Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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Relationship Bundle


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