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VIP Day Agreement Bundle

As a coach or expert in your field, one-day intensive trainings (VIP Days) are an excellent way to accelerate your clients’ success while providing you with more avenues for profit. Protect yourself with a VIP Day Agreement so you can show up to each and every VIP Day ready to do your best work as a trusted resource for your clients.

Why You Need This?

Our VIP Day Agreement is for an individual or company to act as a short-term Coach for a Client for a specialized purpose, and time.

This role is more personalized than a mentorship or consulting session. It offers the client a way to get a quick result in a short period of time while offering the Coach an additional way to make revenue.

This Agreement protects you as the short-term Coach. With this Agreement, you can rest easy knowing the parameters and expectations of the VIP Day are agreed upon before you start the day.

Your bundle includes:

Total Value: ($937) for $499!

What else is included?

Quality Control

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Who can use this?

This Agreement is for any coach or consultant that offers VIP intensives or VIP DAYs. These intensives allow the VIP Day Coach to work with individuals, and Companies. The difference here is that VIP Days are for one or a few days rather than a long-term commitment for a longer, set period of time. If you want to protect yourself when delivering 1-3 day intensive-style trainings, the VIP Day Agreement may be an excellent choice for you.

If you are a COACH who provides longer term services (more than one to five days) to another person who will be YOUR client –please use the COACHING Agreement.

A Coach is different from a Consultant in that a Coach works with individuals only, whereas a Consultant works with a Company and the individuals at the Company.

This is slightly different from a Consulting Agreement because Coaches mostly utilize VIP days for short, one- or two-day engagements for INDIVIDUALS and COMPANIES. If you are a Consultant offering shorter engagements to COMPANIES, please use the Consulting Agreement, and note the time commitment carefully.

This is a FULL agreement that protects the VIP Day Coach.