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Website Terms of Purchase

Your e-commerce store is an online location that operates like a brick and mortar establishment. . The Website Terms of Purchase allows you to transition the Visitor from User to Purchaser by carefully defining the rules for entering your “Web Store” .

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Why You Need This?

If you have a product or service available for sale on your website, the User of your Website should know what will, and will not happen after they purchase from you and become a Purchaser.. Perhaps, when your blog grows you will start to acquire affiliate links. People will click on your links to make a purchase. You need to make them aware of what happens when they purchase. Notify consumers if they are entitled to a refund, an exchange, or if all sales are final.

What if you don’t sell anything on your Website? Then you would need the Website Terms of Use. Even bloggers need Terms of Use . This is important to have to protect you and the consumer.

This policy is to be used on any type of Website (landing page, sales page, blog, and website).

Who can use this?

*This contract outlines the USE of the WEBSITE & briefly outlines the Purchaser’s rights and your Refund/Return/Cancellation policies.

Website Terms of Purchase

This Website Terms of Purchase Agreement is one part of your Website Policies: An agreement with a User of your Website (Landing page; Sales Page, Blog, Website) and Purchaser who consents to use and buy the services/products on your Website.

Recommended to protect both you and your User’s rights and summarize the mutual agreement for the User’s conduct of your website and Buyer’s rights to your Services.

Use with the Website Privacy Policy.