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Legal Contracts -- May 15, 2021

Why you need Website policies during and after the pandemic?

Why you need Website policies during and after the pandemic.

You’re online, now.

More than ever.

How many sites have you scrolled through looking for information, a recipe or even just distraction?
All of those sites you’ve visited are considered Webpages, and regardless of the content, those Webpage owners have obligations to protect your privacy, and to protect their rights.

Guess what?

If you own a Webpage of your own, YOU need Website Policies.

Regardless of your title or status (Company or individual).


These Agreements are part of your WebPage Policies:

A Website Terms of Use is an agreement with a User of your WebPage (Landing page; Sales Page, Blog, Website) who consents to use and continue usage of your Web Page. Recommended to protect both you and your User’s rights and summarize the mutual agreement for the User’s conduct of your website and Services.

A Website Privacy Policy different from the Website Terms of Use because the Privacy Policy deals with the User’s private information, such as name, address and/or other personal identifiers.

Both Agreements are perfect for ANYONE: Sole Proprietorship (Solo-preneur), General Partnership or Company (LLC, Corporation – S-Corp/C-Corp, Benefit Corp, Non-Profit) that:

  • engages in the sale of services or products, online*.
  • has a WebPage that is informational;
  • has a membership as part of their offered services and requires web sign-in on the WebPage.

*This Agreements outlines the USE of the WEBSITE & briefly outlines Services.


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