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Client Profit System

Discover how to protect your business so you can preserve your profit.

Did you know you can earn and keep business profit through a systemized process such as a client system?

Do you ever wonder why you sometimes feel like you’re leaving money on the table, or “missing something” when you engage your clients?


That you feel uneasy about payment because your service may not be valued by your client?


That you KNOW you should be getting all your client transactions in writing, but don’t know how?

What if you could solidify the profit in your business TODAY?

What if you can get it without confusion, with support and a plan from experts?

Here's the secret...and the answer: When you have a set system set up, it allows it to work automatically leaving you to focus on your #1 Profit Tool – YOU and your time.
The business owners who set up systems AHEAD OF TIME respected their time and their profit.


Been burned by a client or vendor‘s non-payment?

Felt worried that introducing a contract would “kill the deal” or worse… “kill the relationship” with the client?

Been confused on how to use or properly create a coaching or client contract?

Felt like you’re missing a key term or document with your client, but NOT sure what?

Many business owners are flustered, overwhelmed OR have NO FOLLOW UP SYSTEM to their initial Client Engagement.


Are you spending your time on $10/hr NON-revenue generating work OR $10,000/hr creative work by innovating new products/serves and relationships?

Hint: Stressing over when and what to send to a client is NOT $10,000 work! Neither is continually re-typing the same email or version to different clients!

DISCOVER how to Protect Your Service-Based Business so you can PRESERVE YOUR PROFIT.

Our comprehensive, step-by-step CLIENT PROFIT SYSTEM will allow you to protect your assets AND make a profit with systems

I’m Sankeetha Selvarajah and I lead a team of small business service providers focused on growth at STARTUP DOX. With over 15 years of experience in advising and growing businesses to successful enterprises, we know what it takes to PROTECT FOR PROFIT.

We love systems. We love profit.

And we firmly believe that YOU are your Company’s best PROFIT TOOL. Anything that allows for the growth and fluidity of YOUR “magic” should allow for greater return.

We’ve increased cost efficiency, improved productivity, and minimized risk for our clients by removing complex and unnecessary steps to streamline their workflows and improve efficiency.

By streamlining your organization’s daily processes with our Client Profit System, you can achieve many different things that require less work and free up time.

Now you can have peace of mind, more clients and a protected and profitable business.

Inside the Client Profit System, you'll find 18 (EIGHTEEN!) templates and forms (including an attorney-drafted client contract!) along with Primers, and Action Sheets to get you started.

The best part: It's immediate and READY-MADE. No need to leave your house to protect your assets! Here's what you get with the Ready Made Client Profit System.


  1. Client System:
    • Welcome letter – Bring your Client on with clear intentions.
    • Client Goals Worksheet. Work through this Worksheet with your Client to effectively outline your shared Goals for your service Client Invoice -Get that payment noted! Build that digital document trail here
    • Payment Arrangement – Have options and outline the payment arrangement clearly with your Client
    • Client Call Notes – Be prepared for each Client Call with this Notesheet that you can digitally store in your Client folder
    • Testimonial Request letter. Have satisfied clients? Have a script ready to send out after service is done to cultivate the Lifetime Value of the client, and build (Value: $97)
  1. 6 Profit Tools Workbook (Design your best profit moves with these profit tools) (Value: $97)
  2. Agreement (valued at $349) – This Contract is the “sweet spot” for your protection. Attorney-drafted, it comes with FAQs and Action Sheets on how to use and protect yourself! Disclaimer: Product is for educational use only and does not constitute legal advice. Please consult your own legal professional for any further edits.
  3. FAQs for your Agreement (Value: $150)
  1. BONUS #1: Profit Planner Worksheet (use this to keep your contracts & contacts in line) (Value: $147)
  2. BONUS #2: Missed Payments Letters (9 letters to engage and get paid!) (Value: $97)

Total Value: ($937) for $499!


Having contracts absolutely preserved my profit by creating a reference point for accountability and enforcement. It weeded out the serious clients from the “shoppers”. It instantly gave us credibility and separated us from competitors.

David A.
CEO, One Life Physique, INC.
  1. Declined Payment letter
  2. Expired Credit Card Notice letter
  3. Failed payment letter
  4. Insufficient Funds letter
  5. Past Due Notice letter
  6. Payment Arrangement letter
  7. Payment Contract Cancelled letter
  8. Upcoming Membership Renewal Reminder letter
  9. Upcoming Renewal Notice letter

The follow-up is key here. Have a system to re-gain that lost profit by missed payments by clients. Don’t spend time thinking about what to write!

(Value: $147)

for your client pipeline. You’ve got your system, you’ve got your letters set up – now TRACK all of it with our PROFIT PLANNER.

Know where each and every client and your sub-contractors are on your PIPELINE at any time.

As every entrepreneur, there’s worry about consistent payment from clients or being blindsided. Using contracts and a system helped my peace of mind. It also allowed me to show clients that contracts are not a sign of distrust but an open tool for conversation and negotiation

Jeremy M
CEO, Transmyt Marketing

That’s 18 different templates and forms! Taking you from start to finish to post-finish.
Use the Ready Made Client Profit System to:

  1. Set up email templates with the forms
  2. Set up automations from your website to trigger
  3. Plan out your Client journey….again and again

BONUS! Easily Train your Virtual Assistant to handle all of this as new clients come in.

Today, you can begin to take control of your personal & business protection and experience a feeling of certainty….OR you can continue to experience frustration & worry.

There is a cost to INACTION:

  1. Continued lack of structure in your business engagement with clients and pipeline
  2. Not adequately valuing your assets today and in the future WILL decrease your income and profit.
  3. Continued worry over the legalities of protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone currently running a coaching, consulting or service-based business (or getting ready to run a business). You do not need an official company or insurance to have contracts or a system in place.

As a business owner/freelancer/blogger/kick-asser you’re opening yourself up to a world full of liability (literally) – most of which you might not even be aware of. CLIENT PROFIT SYSTEM will give you the exact TEMPLATES you need to get on the right side of profit. Plus, client agreements and followup emails never go out of style. (And, in fact, will save your ass-ets.)

It’s simple, this is a virtual product that you download and edit.

Start by purchasing the Agreement found below that best defines your Service-Based business: Coaching Bundle; Consulting Bundle; VIP Day Bundle; or Client Services Bundle.

You start with the PRE (with the Client Onboarding Planner where you “craft” your Client Journey. Then you customize all your forms, Agreement and templates with YOUR specific business information all the way to the Payment Letters. (during and post)

There’s a section to download the clean, customizable versions of the forms, templates and agreements for you to use in your business. Plus, there are other contracts within the Startup Dox Website to make it easy for you to get what you need, when you need it, to keep you fully covered.

From a tech perspective, all you need is access to WIFI. You don’t need anything more fancy than that.

Nope. This is valued at over $937 for all the materials but it’s $499 for everything now. As service providers, we’ve seen our fair share of business owners struggling to retain a profit and maintain a system, which could have been easily avoided. Simply put, were here to create profitable companies by focusing on the CEO – you. We do this by giving you the tools you need to focus on your “magic”. This is also a great introductory offer for you to see what else we have.
Also… We do love a good system.

Read through the different scenarios in each System Bundle. Decide which one aligns with your goals for the current year and the next 2-3 years. It’s ok if you need an extra Agreement in addition to the bundle (You can buy just the Agreement on our website For example, you need a Coaching Agreement for your daily clients (who make up 80% of your clients), but you also offer VIP days as well (remaining 20% of clients). Purchase the Coaching Agreement System, and consider additionally purchasing the VIP Day Agreement as a stand-alone Agreement.


Get Organized Now!

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