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Coaching Agreement

Start your coaching relationship with trust and security. As an expert in your field, it’s important to protect yourself as you mentor clients and watch their growth. Get a Coaching Agreement that’s as reputable, professional, and trustworthy as you are.

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Why You Need This?

Our Coaching Agreement is necessary to protect both your Consulting rights correctly and to summarize your mutual agreement for services within a written understanding. Most states are explicit on the definition of Employee v. Independent Contractor classifications and requirements. Consult with an employment or business attorney BEFORE you engage any independent contractor.

What’s included?

Who can use this?

A Coaching agreement is different from a Consulting agreement, because a Coach works with individuals only, whereas a Consultant works with a Company and the individuals at the Company.

If you are a Consultant who provides services to another COMPANY who will be YOUR client –please use the Consulting Agreement.

This Coaching Agreement is slightly different from a VIP day Agreement because mainly Coaches utilize VIP days for short, one or 2 day engagements to INDIVIDUALS. If you are a Coach offering shorter, one or 2 day VIP days to Individuals, please use the VIP Day Agreement.

Coaching Agreement

Sole Proprietorship (Solo-preneur) or General Partnership using the form to engage a contractor to complete services for the Solo or General Partnership. Company (LLC, Corporation – S-Corp/C-Corp, Benefit Corp, Non-Profit) using it to engage other individuals/partnerships or Companies as contractors to complete services for the Company. Also, a vendor for goods could also be an independent contractor.