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Brand Ambassador Agreement

Ready to bring together exceptional products and services with big-time exposure? If you’re about to set up a Brand Ambassador structure with another person or company, set yourself up for success with a Brand Ambassador Agreement.
*Brand Ambassador also means Influencer!

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Why You Need This?

Our BRAND AMBASSADOR Agreement is ideal when two parties (individual or company) begin an Influencer structure with each other. Typically, the Brand Ambassador or Influencer is engaged to provide online or in-person publicity services that offer exposure for the Person or Company’s and services. In exchange, the Brand Ambassador may get a percentage of sales or a set dollar amount.

For example, let’s say that a candle company wants to increase its presence and grow its audience online. The brand might enter a Brand Ambassador Agreement with an Ambassador in the home decor space. The Agreement might require the Brand Ambassador to make one Instagram post, two stories, and a video that talks about the candles and shows them in use. In exchange, the Brand Ambassador might get 10% of sales that come through their channels via a specialized coupon code.

This Agreement protects the Company ONLY.

What’s included?

Who can use this?

This agreement is used when an Influencer or Brand Ambassador (including you!) would be engaged to provide publicity for another individual OR company’s products or services.

This is different from a Joint Venture/Partnership Agreement because a Brand Ambassador doesn’t own a portion of the Company or isn’t creating an equal partnership – the Brand Ambassador is just providing exposure for the Company’s products and services in return for an Brand Ambassador commission or payment

This is different from an Affiliate Agreement because an Affiliate is not exclusive; a Brand Ambassador may be exclusive. A Brand Ambassador may be both Affiliate and BA. Read carefully!

This is different from a Referral Agreement because a Brand Ambassador doesn’t own a portion of the other party’s business – the parties are just providing referrals to each other with payment in referral fees only. A Referral Agreement may be exclusive but the Referring party doesn’t usually provide publicity the way a Brand Ambassador may provide publicity for a commission payment.

Brand Ambassador Agreement

A BRAND AMBASSADOR AGREEMENT is an Agreement that states Person A becomes a Brand Ambassador to Person B in return for a commission payment. This is a FULL agreement that protects the Company ONLY.

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