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Joint Venture/Partnership Agreement

When great minds come together, you want to protect that partnership to bring out the best in both of you. If you’re going into business with someone, get this Joint Venture Agreement to minimize miscommunication and better secure your future success.

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Why You Need This?

Our Joint Venture Agreement is ideal when two individuals want to go into business together for a common purpose. Establish clear expectations and responsibilities from the beginning to give yourself and your partner peace of mind.

This Agreement protects both parties. EVERY partnership needs a written summary of their work relationship. Whenever you decide to work with someone as a partner, you should use this agreement to ensure both of your interests are protected.

What’s included?

Who can use this?

EVERY partnership needs a written summary of their work relationship. This helps you both manage expectations about ownership, roles, compensation, and future roles.

This Agreement may be used between two people who want to enter into a general partnership (NOT a formal company such as an LLC or Corporation). Alternatively, it can be two companies coming together to form a general partnership for a specific purpose or event. Both parties have certain ownership in the partnership business or venture. This Agreement may also be used as a placeholder for the partnership until a Company structure (LLC etc.,) replaces the terms of the partnership.

May be used instead of: Brand Ambassador and Referral Agreement (Mutual or Unilateral)

This is different from a Brand Ambassador Agreement because the Brand Ambassador does not have ownership in the Partnership and is just providing publicity for the Company’s products and services in return for payment.

This is different from a Referral Agreement because a Referring party doesn’t own a portion of the partnership. The Referring Party may usually provide a direct person introduction or contact to the Company to obtain the referral fees.

Joint Venture/Partnership Agreement

A JOINT VENTURE AGREEMENT is an agreement for two individuals or companies that want to go into business together for a common purpose. This is NOT a formal entity unless you register or form a limited liability partnership with your Secretary of State. At times, this may be a placeholder for a business until you incorporate it into a formal LLC or corporation. This is a business or unincorporated entity until then.

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