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How to:Build your Business Profit Team…LIKE A WORLD CLASS BURGLAR.

  1. Why this matters: Knowing this can help you build your team that is also invested in your Profit. Everyone has the same goals. Business/Tax/Legal work in tandem and are NOT mutually exclusive. IIt will also help you figure out who will be a good addition to your team.
  2. What you need: Clear goals for the next 12-24 months
  3. Who you need: Accountant, Business Attorney, Mentor
  4. Apply this here: Advisor Agreement
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    iv. Advisor Agreement

In 1972, the greatest bank burglary in US history was pulled off by 2 brothers. They got away with $9 Million in cash, jewels, and other valuable goods. ($55 Million in today’s currency value).

When asked this question:

What makes a successful bank burglar? The main burglar stated the following requirements:

 — Guts (courage, chutzpah, balls etc.)
 — A good team.

Disclaimer: Now, to be clear, we’re not cosigning on any bank robbery, real or planned. That’s a different sort of exit.

While every business is unique, the business principles behind a successful exit are not.

Every successful exit had an Internal and External Business team.

For the bank burglar, his Internal team was his Mentor within the Mob who taught him the tricks of the trade. His External team was his brother and the getaway driver who helped him execute the burglary.

The fact is, your business teams are important to your current, business health and your eventual exit.

Unless you’re in the bank burglary business, your external business team consists of service providers such as an accountant, attorney, mentor, insurance agent, banker etc.

You might feel that without funding or connections, your business can’t afford ONE service provider, let alone, a WHOLE squad, right now.

But you can’t afford to NOT have one.

Not only does your business NEED them, these providers’ only goals are to protect your assets and preserve your profit, and gain the best exit value.

Wait, aren’t those your goals, too?

Think how much relief you would feel to finally share that responsibility???

Consider these 2 factors:

 1. Will this person create a solid foundation for my growth? (Attorney, Accountant, Insurance Agent)

 ​2. Will this person’s skillset accelerate my company’s growth? (Mentor, Consultant in necessary industry)

  1. Identify your 3 best Team Players this week for the next 6 months. Who are the Players that will accelerate your growth, OR create a solid foundation for your growth?
  2. Connect with your accountant (CPA), who is GROUND ZERO for all things, profit. This is your first ally on your road to success. Spend those valuable startup costs on this person. Trust, a savvy, accountant will make back your investment, tenfold. Then add your attorney (ESQ) and your Insurance Agent. Then, add your business mentor and/or savvy business colleague to round it out.
  3. Now, connect EVERYONE to each other. (They usually know OTHER service providers to connect you).

Congratulations – you’ve just built your “PROFIT” team.

AND BONUS: This “Profit” team also doubles as your de facto Advisory Board.

Now, back to our charismatic burglar tale: most of the stolen loot from the 1972 robbery was eventually recovered, but as of today’s publication, the value of $30 Million is STILL missing…

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