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Advisor Agreement

For budding Companies, Advisors can be helpful in achieving feedback from end-users of the company’s products and services and introducing the company to possible end-users and clients. They can also scout the marketplace, gauge future trends, and seek new strategic positions as well as provide a catalyst in the company’s efforts to build repeat, quality customers. If you think you might need an Advisor, this Agreement is for you. Utilize this Agreement to create validity around your Company and protect the organization and the future of your growth.

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Why You Need This?

You’re ready to bring Advisors in to take your company to the next level. This is the document you need to protect your company and growth trajectory. Our Advisor Agreement is an agreement for an individual to act as an Advisor for your company or business. This role is more formalized than a mentorship and may or may not come with compensation. This Advisor may sit on the Company’s Advisor Board which is an external body of Advisors made to advise your company or business.

This Agreement protects you as the Company.

What’s included?

Who can use this?

This Agreement is used for each member of your Advisory Board. It outlines terms and length of your engagement with each member and the possible compensation so everyone is ready to exceed your new revenue goals.

The Advisor Agreement is different from a Joint Venture/Partnership Agreement because an Advisor doesn’t own a portion of the Company or isn’t creating an equal partnership. The Advisor is just providing advice for the Company in return for compensation.

The Advisor Agreement is also different from a Consulting Agreement because the Advisor is providing a specific targeted role that may include equity in the Company. Both Consultants and Advisors give advice to Companies, but Advisors are usually engaged at intermittent times for a longer period of time. (For example, every quarter for 12 months.) Consultants are engaged on an ongoing, consistent basis for a shorter period of time. (For example, daily for 1-6 months or 3-12 months.)

Advisor Agreement

An ADVISOR AGREEMENT is an Agreement for a Company that wants to bring on Advisor(s) for growth. They can be crucial in the company’s efforts to build repeat, quality customers. To protect your company, this Advisor Agreement is a FULL agreement that protects the Company ONLY.

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