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Top 5 Myths About Busy Work
(How to Really Gain a PROFIT)

MYTH #1: Your WORK creates Profit.


Systems that engage the client, distribute and follow-up your WORK create that consistent profit!

MYTH #2: You close your Client when you sign your Client Contract

False again. It’s just the beginning!

The beauty is in the follow-up during and after the job is done. Consider the Lifetime Value (LTV) of a client NOT the contract value (CV) of the Client.

MYTH #3: You need Clients FIRST for your business to make a Profit


You need systems first before you receive any profit.

Systems allow you to attract, obtain payment and retain clients. In fact a solid profit system is MORE valuable than the actual client.

MYTH: #4: Your time is less important than your creativity.

TRUE & FALSE. Both are important as profit tools to grow your company.

But your time is your absolute greatest asset.

How you spend your time determines your PROFIT progress.

Are you spending your time on $10/hr NON-revenue generating work OR $10,000/hr creative work by innovating new products/serves and relationships?

Hint: Stressing over when and what to send to a client is NOT $10,000 work! Neither is continually re-typing the same email or version to different clients!

MYTH #5: The Client always leads the way in your WORK.


As the owner of your business, you are Alpha at all times.

You lead the Client along their engagement with your business.

You are always steps ahead of your Client to ensure a fluid journey. That’s where the Client Profit System comes in.

How Systems Worked For Other CEOs

When I started my business, I had a contract template I had downloaded and thought I was protected. The thing was, I didn’t understand it and I wasn’t confident using it. When I bought The Startup Dox bundle it [helped] walk me through the contract and what it means. I also started to understand that my contract would help me hold boundaries and it gave me the confidence to support clients when there were questions about payments, cancellations and refunds. The bundle was the perfect solution for my business!

As every entrepreneur, there’s worry about consistent payment from clients or being blindsided. Using contracts and a system helped my peace of mind. It also allowed me to show clients that contracts are not a sign of distrust but an open tool for conversation and negotiation

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